Leveraging on our years of experience in recruiting, Horgen's proven methodology- THE HORGEN PERFORMANCE SYSTEM™ backed by the Horgen Quality Guarantee, can help our clients reduce talent acquisition costs, improve the quality of their talent and expedite filling their vacancies.

All of our candidates undergo a rigorous process before being put forward for a role. Our rigorous evaluation process includes a skills assessment that insures that the professional has the necessary training, an application review, thorough referencing, employment verification, license verification where applicable and drug testing.

Our proven methodology for talent acquisition includes:

Sourcing:- Casting a wide recruitment network through local, national and web based traditional and non-traditional recruiting programs.

Pre-Screening:- Our process is feasible to meeting the needs of the client and the role. Comprehensive, on-line skills assessments are conducted for each profession. We will also conduct resume and telephone screening, behavioral interviews, background and reference checks and verify employment history. We use the government E-Verify system to check employment eligibility.

Assessment and Selection:- Advanced screening and interviewing techniques to evaluate technical and interpersonal skills and experiences to make the right fit.

Induction:- A thorough Induction process facilitates a smooth transition into the workplace. Our consultants work with our client companies to become familiar the site and your work practices, ensuring all necessary information is provided.

Retention:- Building a reputation as a preferred employer through skill building and training opportunities.


All candidates are prescreened prior to submission to our clients. All candidates receive a thorough interview, all applicants are tested.

Reference And Background Checks

Horgen conducts thorough reference and background checks on all employees. We take a two-fold approach to ensure the integrity of our candidates. Two valid references with an "above average "review must be received before any candidate is considered for employment. Furthermore, Horgen verifies additional credentials for Nursing & Allied Health, technical and professional employees who hold professional licenses, certifications and advanced degrees. We will customize the pre-employment screening process to meet specific client requirements.

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The Horgen Promise
We promise to represent your organization & all its opportunities to our candidates, with the same level of respect, dedication and focus as you would…End of story.
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