At Horgen™ we believe maintaining the strength and greatness of our nation that our founding fathers worked so hard for, involves investment and presentation of opportunities for learning and growth to students and recent grads that become tomorrow's great innovators & leaders.

We believe in helping students and graduates realize their dreams for achievement, growth and success in their chosen trade or field of interest.

With this in mind we have developed the Horgen Hire-A-Rookie™ Program in which we place university and college students and recent graduates into entry-level positions that relate to their major and experience, as either interns, part-time, full-time or temporary-hires.

From a business perspective, there are a number of benefits to hiring college students and other new entrants to the job market which include the following:
  • Students tend to be more interested in experience than in what they are paid- This is good news for a cash-strapped start-up business.

  • Interns are perfect for project-based work, and such arrangements negate the difficulty associated with having to lay-off if extra staffing becomes unnecessary.

  • Because they're interested in gaining experience, these recruits are typically very conscientious and eager to learn and contribute ideas. They tend to be more diligent, ensuring that they will be given a favorable reference as they build their resume.

  • Temp-to-permanent hiring enables you to gauge whether there is a proper fit between your organizational culture and a given candidate before making the decision to hire someone full-time.

  • College students tend to be very Tech-Savvy
Our Hire-A-Rookie™ Program is also ideal for large Corporations. In this post-recession period, companies are facing mounting staff needs but insufficient funds to pay them full-time competitive wages. The quick and easy solution to this includes hiring talented college students whose quest for on-the-job experience outweighs their desire for a hefty paycheck.

Contact us today and let us join hands to get these young folks on the path to achieving the American Dream.

Not ready to send us a job or want more information before meeting with us? Give us a call at 972-387-7432 or Toll Free at (800) 82-HORGEN

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Our Students & Grads
  • Available part-time & full-time
  • Enthusiastic & Tech-Savvy
  • 0-5 years work experience
  • Eager to gain experience
  • Ready for Internships
Why Do Business Count on Horgen?
  • We attract Top of the Line Student Talent
    Through our aggressive marketing techniques, on-campus events, promotions, job fairs, university relations, student reps, sponsorships and more…

  • Students & recent Grads in All Fields
    This includes Accounting, Banking and Finance, Information Technology, Engineering, Business Administration, Nursing & Allied Health Professions.

  • No-Warm-Bodies Screening Process
    We conduct thorough interviews on our students before and after we meet you to ensure you get nothing short of qualified candidates.

  • Simple, Affordable Pricing
    We don't have any misleading quotes or confusing costs at Horgen. We use a flat rate system and easy to understand fees... We are not in business to rip you off but we are here to build an everlasting partnership with you.

  • Quality Guarantee
    If we can't deliver on our promise to supply you with quality staff you pay nothing…You heard it right…Nada!! We are really confident in our students and grads that we give you a 120 day quality guarantee.
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