Here at Horgen we're committed to look after each of our clients with equal amount of time, care and responsibility, regardless of whether you are large or small. We put in the effort to get to know your business, while becoming an extension of your team and brand. We tailor solutions to suit your business, offer flexibility the larger firms can't or won't offer you.

Experience the 'Horgen Difference'.

Horgen Staffing & Recruitment Services

Accounting and Finance
Our strong area of focus in Finance recruitment ensures you can rely on Horgen to source professionals at all levels and across all industries for Accounting, Finance and Banking jobs.

Information Technology
When you need additional Information Technology expertise to assess, manage, develop and maintain your critical IT initiatives, Horgen provides IT staffing and consulting solutions necessary to deliver business value.

Business Support
Horgen excels at the placement of professionals across the entire business support sector- From Call Centre Operations to Office Managers, Secretaries to Contract Accountants, Customer Service Representatives, Executive Assistants, Paralegals and Receptionists.

We understand companies' short, medium and long term needs can vary and that business support roles are fundamental to the success of every commercial operation.

Light Industrial
With a massive database of personnel we are ideally positioned to fill your ongoing industrial personnel requirements. Whether you're seeking one person or a large crew, Horgen can deliver-on a time sensitive basis, the best staff.

Allied Health & Nursing
Our elite team of consultants is experienced in sourcing nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, Speech Language Therapists, pharmacists and more.

Horgen Consultancy Services

Human Resources involve the engagement of people, aligning their talents and performance for business value growth.

Horgen's HR Services support businesses making their organization a place where people want to work, where they excel, and where their strength and business direction align.

Business Integrated HR Services
  • HR strategic planning
  • HR Metrics and Management Reporting
  • Policies and Procedures development
  • Remuneration, Reward and Recognition Support.
Organizational Development
  • Restructure support and change management
  • Leadership and Team development
Employment And Industrial Relations
  • HR Compliance Support
  • HR Help Desk Service to your managers and supervisors.
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
Psychometric Support
  • Ability and reasoning testing
  • Team building activities
  • Personality and preference assessment
  • Support to recruitment, career, outplacement and performance management.

Payroll Transfer Services

Occasionally you may want to locate and interview the Job candidates you require, or you already know who they are- but you may want to avoid hiring them on a permanent basis yet. Horgen's Payroll Transfer Service provides a practical solution for this scenario by allowing you to outsource payroll and reduce the associated costs and burdens. Simply put your employees on Horgen's payroll. Horgen becomes the hiring entity and the employer. We will take care of payroll administration, tax reporting, and other payroll associated HR responsibilities. This service can significantly reduce your benefits and payroll administration expenses and also increase your cash flow.
Furthermore, this service can also be a no-risk element integrated into your hiring process. By using an unproven candidate as an employee on our payroll during their trial period, you can evaluate their skills and protect your unemployment insurance experience rating by eliminating the hire –fire cycle. This cost-saving human resource option is becoming popular with companies for:
  • Mandated downsizing
  • Special projects
  • Returning retirees

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