Horgen offers an individually tailored program, with warmth and genuine personal contact, making recruitment a pleasure for all concerned. We call this the "Horgen Way".

Boutique Agency

Our smaller size is one of our biggest attributes. Our service mirrors our focus, with a clear perspective on targeting only select sectors on the Southern US, mainly Texas. We work harder and more cost efficiently for you because we can!

Flat Rate

Our Flat rate structure gives you an exact costing from the onset. This includes an inclusive, no charge 3 month candidate replacement guarantee.

Candidate Superiority

Our enormous practical industry experience enables our specialist recruiters to personally relate to the roles you're looking to fill, giving you piece of mind as we pre-select only the most talented candidates. Top candidates generally don't respond to ads, however, just like anyone else they do keep abreast of their career opportunities and thus do keep in touch with our consultants.

Time Management

Recruiting can be a tedious, frustrating and time consuming. Horgen can provide you that elusive element of time and along with it, the quintessential difference between someone good and someone great!

Talent Scouting

Most of our candidates have been approached by our consultants in their work environment, allowing us to see them doing what they do best instead of just assessing their ability through an interview.

We are creative in our approach to finding the best talent in the industry and offering them to our preferred business partners.

Cutting Edge Technology

Having done extensive research for the finer elements in recruitment provision, we can now provide one of the most high tech and cost effective recruitment services in Texas.

"We believe that transparency and honesty are key ingredients in the trusted relationship that develops between us and our clients."
–President, Horgen Personnel Consultants, LLC.
Happy Hour or Coffee

Lets be honest, sitting in a cramped conference room talking to you about staffing isn't everyone's idea of fun. That said we are always up for meetings over coffee, or Happy Hour. Contact us today to schedule a meeting.
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