Client Challenges

Our client, headquartered in Houston with a presence in all 50 contiguous States, relies on the expertise of its employees to deliver the solutions and the quality of service demanded by its clients. "Human capital return on investment" is used by this customer as an indicator of the increase in skill and productivity of its workforce, in combination with financial performance. The firm invests in developing and motivating its employees whether they are new hires, seasoned employees, key talent or senior managers. As an organization that invests largely in its human capital as a competitive differentiator, our client considered employer branding a very important consideration to support long‐term strategic hiring.


As an organization that believes that human capital return on investment is a key performance indicator of its business success, our customer wanted to upgrade the quality of candidates, diversify its recruiting sources and reduce costs, make the entire recruiting and hiring process more efficient; and enhance the candidate experience and its employer brand.


Scalable, Experience Recruitment Team
Horgen provided an onsite dedicated, scalable team, each with deep expertise in recruiting. With onsite supervision, the team brought an innovative, results‐driven recruitment culture to our client's operations.

Strategic Direct Sourcing
Horgen developed sourcing strategies that were focused on high quality, low‐fee and non‐fee sources such as: direct sourcing from key competitors, leveraging employee referrals and drastically lessening the dependency on agencies and improving diversity networking. Much focus was also given to enhancing the candidate experience through thorough communications and feedback vehicles woven throughout the recruiting process.

Aggressive Service Level Agreements and Transparent Results
Horgen also developed and implemented best practice processes for all steps of the sourcing, hiring and on‐boarding processes. Key management meetings were established with HR and hiring managers to improve the partnership and enhance communication and awareness. Dashboards, complex metrics and reports to assess performance at all points in the process were developed and made available.


Financial Services

Functional Requirements
Professional and nonexempt roles in client's Investment Banking, Wealth Management, Global Asset Management and Corporate Divisions
Quality of Hire
Direct Source Candidates: 35% of hires came from targeted customer competitors
Decreased Cost of Sourcing -Cost Per Hire: Reduced 42% over 18 months
Agency Usage: Reduced from 30% to 11% over 18 months
Employee Referrals: Increased from 28% to 42% over three years
Low Cost Sourcing: Improved by 68%

Program Efficiencies
Time-to-fill: Reduced 18% from an average of 79 days to an average of 55 days to fill requirements
Offer Acceptance: Increased 22% from 76% in year one to 96% in 2nd year.
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